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Churn Flow – Froth Flow

Churn Flow – Vertical Tubes

Churn flow also referred to as froth flow, is a highly disturbed flow of two-phase fluid flow. The increasing velocity of a slug flow causes the structure of the flow to become unstable. The churn flow is characterized by a very thick and unstable liquid film, with the liquid often oscillating up and down. Due to its nearly chaotic properties, it is one of the least understood gas-liquid flow regimes.

A typical example of churn flow is boiling flow in nuclear reactors during accidents. Especially for many accident scenarios, boiling may lead to a high void fraction, including churn-turbulent flow. Its flow structure and induced pressure changes may have a strong impact on safety.

Bubbly - Slug - Churn - Annular - Mist - Flow
Sketches of flow regimes for two-phase flow in a vertical pipe. Source: Weisman, J. Two-phase flow patterns. Chapter 15 in Handbook of Fluids in Motion, Cheremisinoff N.P., Gupta R. 1983, Ann Arbor Science Publishers.
flow patterns - vertical flow - Hewitt
The vertical flow regime map of Hewitt and Roberts (1969) for flow in a 3.2cm diameter tube, validated for both air/water flow at atmospheric pressure and steam/water flow at high pressure. Source: Brennen, C.E., Fundamentals of Multiphase Flows, Cambridge University Press, 2005, ISBN 0521 848040
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