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Cross-Section of Compton Scattering

Compton Scattering

Compton Scattering – Cross-Sections

The probability of Compton scattering per one interaction with an atom increases linearly with atomic number Z because it depends on the number of electrons available for scattering in the target atom. The Klein-Nishina formula describes the angular distribution of photons scattered from a single free electron:The angular distribution of photons scattered from a single free electron is described by the Klein-Nishina formulawhere ε = E0/mec2 and r0 is the “classical radius of the electron” equal to about 2.8 x 10-13 cm. The formula gives the probability of scattering a photon into the solid angle element dΩ = 2π sin Θ dΘ when the incident energy is E0.

Compton scattering experiment
The wavelength change in such scattering depends only upon the angle of scattering for a given target particle.
Source: hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/
compton scatteringCross section of compton scattering of photons by atomic electrons..Compton scattering - Angle distributionEnergies of a photon at 500 keV and an electron after Compton scattering.

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Compton Scattering

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